Spanish Fly

Spanish Fly Sex Enhancer Spanish Fly has long been a legendary aphrodisiac and for good reason. Just a few drops will make him or her feel very horny. Genitals literally tingle with anticipation and the only cure is SEX!

Reviews from 2 Customers

Score: 10

My first impression of the Spanish Fly was it is a wonderful love thing to use.

I used the Spanish Fly with my girlfriend and both of us felt so excited about it. It made my girlfriend become more carnal than before. I am very satisfied with the product.

I would recommend Spanish Fly.


Score: 10

My first impression of the Spanish Fly was will it work?

Put it in the girlfriends drink and it turned her into a slut!!!!

I would recommend Spanish Fly.

~ Bad Boy Steve

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Of course, for most sites, this claim it is utter nonsense. You would be foolish to take their word...
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