Massage Oils Information and Advice

Using Massage Oils

Massage oils can be used to transform a sex session into something much, much more. A sensual massage with your partner takes a lot of beating.

Try a full body massage or put massage oils on the breasts, buttocks or penis and testicles. The possibilities are endless.

A prolonged massage of a well oiled penis will even allow it to expand to larger than its normal erect size. Girls you have been warned.

Some massage oils such as Nag Champa are scented whilst others such as Hot Stuff are flavoured.

It is often a good idea to put a clean towel down if you want to avoid getting massage oil on your bed sheets and a shower afterwards is also nice.

Types of Massage Oils

Massage Oils come in sachets and bottles and it is up to the individual to choose a massage oil that suits them most. We stock massage oils from Nag Champa to the Exotic Love.

Hot Stuff is an interesting massage oil that produces a warming sensation when blown upon and it also is flavoured.

Nag Champa is a traditional general purpose scented massage oil.

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