Safex Natural Non Spermicidal

Safex Natural Non Spermicidal Condoms These are for men that do not want to have to worry about the safety of their condoms. They are non spermicidal and are designed for maximum comfort and safety.

At our price, there's no excuse NOT to use them!

Ideal for sex dolls, masturbators and women!

Safex condoms are made from the finest quality natural rubber latex using the most advanced technology.

Non spermicidally lubricated and electronically tested to make them extra safe.


Electronically tested

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You cannot buy Safex Natural Non Spermicidal cheaper online in the UK!

Many sites make this claim but we guarantee it! They often say that it would be a waste of time to go looking...

Of course, for most sites, this claim it is utter nonsense. You would be foolish to take their word...
Please read our Price Guarantee

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