Pulsating Pleasure Ring

Pulsating Pleasure Ring Cock Ring The Pulsating Pleasure Ring is slightly larger than the single use variety and has 9 levels of vibration and pulsation but best of all the batteries can be replaced allowing it to be used TIME AND TIME AGAIN.

Once activated it cycles through all its functions one by one staying on each setting for around 20 seconds, this creates a fantastic teasing sensation while making love and not bringing you to orgasm too quickly.

The complete unit is waterproof so the fun does not have to stop at the bedroom.

This great vibrating cock ring is a must have toy for all loving couples.


Silicone rubber
2 x L1130 Batteries
Batteries included
WARNING!! Use of silicone based lubricants with silicone rubber products will result in permanent damage to the rubber. Use water or oil based lubricants only.


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Reviews from 3 Customers

Score: 10


I have used the top cat vibrating cock ring with much joy and fun for both. So I moved up to this one WOW!!! its powerful the wife was ready to cum at any time just had to keep stopping. Its tighter than the top cat cock ring so it give the bloke a rock hard dick and a great feeling. This is the one to buy its wicked 10 out of 10

This is a move up from the normal vibrating cock ring ( your tired the mini this is the rolls royce)

~ Lloyd

Score: 10

Fantastic product, no wires and very quiet. push in deep to get the vibrator on the clit and just revel in it. Pulses away, I could feel my wifes vagina clenching on my cock as she came and came. She wants to use it all the time now!!!! I give it 11 out of 10, it's that good. I can't wait to try it in the bath.

~ Mick

Score: 10

Don't worry about the silicone lube thing, you won't need any lube with this toy. Your girl will be dripping, it's that good. Pulses just like it says on the tin. Fantastic value too!

~ Jon H

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