Original Ben Wa Balls

Original Ben Wa Balls Vaginal Balls Ben Wa balls, or Geisha Balls as they are sometimes known, originated in the orient, where they were popular not only as a sensuous means of pleasure for the ladies who wore them, but also as a means of toning the pelvic floor muscles after child birth, resulting in longer and better orgasms.

Our version of the traditional ben wa balls are made of Doc Johnsons' patented "millenium" plastic; easy to clean and slick to the touch, our pair of marble sized marvels each contains a heavy weight which will roll the ball around your sensitive spots causing pleasant sensations and toning you as they go!

These balls come without a string - they are small enough not to need one - and can be used anally or vaginally.

Get zen :)


Millenium Plastic

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Of course, for most sites, this claim it is utter nonsense. You would be foolish to take their word...
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