Romping Rabbit

Romping Rabbit Vibrator The Romping Rabbit vibrator is just the tool for explosive orgasms every time. The shaft twists and the pearls squirm inside of you for a truly unbelievable sensation, but turn on the romping clit stimulator and you will be in seventh heaven in no time at all as the soft ears engulf your clitoris. Features easy push-button controls and a sturdy base to grab hold of. The twisting shaft can be reversed to add even more fun.
Highly recommended.


Silicone rubber
4 x AA batteries
Batteries not included
WARNING!! Use of silicone based lubricants with silicone rubber products will result in permanent damage to the rubber. Use water or oil based lubricants only.

Review from a Customer

Score: 9

My first impression of the Romping Rabbit was that it seems quite boring. but when me and my girlfriend tried it, she loved it.worth the buy.

Well good product, good description, good price. Better here than where I got it...

I would definitely recommend Romping Rabbit. She'll be smiling for hours.

~ bam

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