Extasy Ring

Extasy Ring Cock Extender Achieve simultaneous pure ecstasy with the Extasy Ring.

Men can enjoy fantastic support with this super soft and stretchy ring whilst women can simultansouly enjoy the tickling sensation of the soft stimuli nubs.

Extasy Ring - bringing people together.

FREE Inside - 1 sachet of Bio Glide lubricant


Silicone rubber
WARNING!! Use of silicone based lubricants with silicone rubber products will result in permanent damage to the rubber. Use water or oil based lubricants only.

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You cannot buy Extasy Ring cheaper online in the UK!

Many sites make this claim but we guarantee it! They often say that it would be a waste of time to go looking...

Of course, for most sites, this claim it is utter nonsense. You would be foolish to take their word...
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