RO 80mm

RO 80mm Bullet Vibrator The RO 80mm is the world's most powerful vibrating bullet and delivers vibration so intense you will climax in seconds!

Finished with silky chrome with a one-touch operation and 100% waterproof.

Feels incredible when used on any part of the body.


Chrome Finish Plastic
1 x N battery
Battery included

Reviews from 2 Customers

Score: 10

My first impression of the RO 80mm was i wondered if it was powerful enough.

I would definitely recommend this for yourself or as a present. very good value for money.

It was amazing extremely powerful made me have loads of orgasms!

~ hannah

Score: 10

My first impression of the RO 80mm was it looks good quality.

Has amazing power and is very quite, girlfriend loved it.

I would recommend RO 80mm.

~ Scott

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You cannot buy RO 80mm cheaper online in the UK!

Many sites make this claim but we guarantee it! They often say that it would be a waste of time to go looking...

Of course, for most sites, this claim it is utter nonsense. You would be foolish to take their word...
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