Miyakodori Bullet Vibrator The most sophisticated of our bullet vibrators, the Miyakodori is a discreet remote control couple's toy with a range of up to 7.5 metres (20ft+).

Comes with six pre-programmed functions, the Miyakodori is the most powerful and best featured remote control bullet vibrator on the market.

The receiving unit and bullet can also be used as a toy in its own right and because it uses a jack plug, can also operate many other toys.

Highly recommended.


Remote Control
1 x N battery
3 x AAA batteries
Batteries not included

Add AAA Size Batteries 4 pack @  £1.45

Review from a Customer

Score: 9

My first impression of the Miyakodori was sleek little sexy gadget

This is such a neat little gadget, which appealed to my husbands techno geek side! The actual vibrating bullet is small and smooth, and the wired attachment clips discreetly to clothing without being noticed from outside. The remote control is a keyring which would not be recognised for its task unless you owned one yourself. Easy to use, just turn both units on, and then the vibrations can be controlled by either the person wearing the bullet or by the remote control holder. A range of different vibrations are an excellent variation from just multi speed, definitely a new experience! The only downside was it was a little bit noisy. Fine if you're at home, or in a busy noisy nightclub, but this could be a little embarassing if you're in a quiet restaurant! The thrill of allowing your partner complete control over you is amazing, and I would definitely recommend this to any curious couple. Even if you're a single girl, this vibrator is ideal, as, like I said the various vibrating pulses are a sensational new feeling! Go on, give it a try!

I would recommend Miyakodori.

~ fluffy

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