Intimate Intruder

Intimate Intruder Anal Probe One of the most high-tech anal toys around, the 8" Intimate Intruder.

Powered by a super strong Japanese motor and gears this incredibly powerful product will hit the spot every time.

Features full multi-speed vibrations and a reversible squirmy action in the shaft and covered in super smooth Glide-Skin for an almost frictionless encounter.

Highly recommended.


Glide Skin
4 x AA batteries
Batteries not included

Review from a Customer

Score: 10

My first impression of the Intimate Intruder was yes bruv! This shit is da bomb!

When I opened the box i was like "there's no way that shit is going up the wrong 'un. After I played with it for a while, it slipped right in no probs bruv! It's great for passing the time while my gf is away init. Wen she comes back we is gonna have some fun. Yes bruv! Love it!

I would recommend Intimate Intruder coz it is massiv!

~ Ivan B

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