The Hollister School For Girls

The Hollister School For Girls Erotic eBook Contemporary classic of B&D! The Hollister School for Girls is a private school for wayward daughters of the very wealthy and aristocratic. New to the school from England is Headmaster Michael, who brings with him long abandoned yet successful methods for disciplining troublesome young ladies. His expertise and knowledge of the ways of corporal punishment is precisely why he was hired on by Chancellor Meredith. In this spellbinding novel you will follow the journey of some of the school's "scholarship girls" as they navigate their way through a maze of discipline and submission to emerge better citizens and model young women. Come visit The Hollister School for Girls where pain and pleasure are one and the same, where humiliation by and submission to male authority is the only path to graduation. Here is another unique excursion into the world of B&D from the award-winning author Powerone.

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