Girls Not Named Mary

Girls Not Named Mary Erotic eBook Short erotic stories about Ethan, his huge cock, and girls not named Mary.

Rita and Eva
Ethan and his hockey team go on the road for a game. Rita is the young hotel worker and she is amazed by the size of his cock...

Tricia and Debbie
Ethan is flying off to college. His nervousness gets him aroused, and he meets Tricia. She helps him ease his tension and when they land she takes him home...

Ethan takes a break to get some lunch at the cafeteria. He meets Brenda, a hot young co-ed. Instead of going back to classes, she goes with Ethan to his apartment for a special anatomy class...

Tanya and Michelle
The girls are holding a fund raiser for an injured cheerleader. Ethan offers to help, and they put him to work in the men's room, where someone has put a glory hole in the stalls...

Ethan's friend Charlie knows a hot stripper named Lena...

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Jack Allen


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